Casa das Napas

Casa das Napas, Inc

Our company specializes in selling a wide variety of decoration products for the automobile and nautical industries, hotels and restaurants, specifically directed to the professionals working in those areas.

In our store and warehouse you can find:

- A wide range of cloths for upholstered furniture and decoration;

- Extensive PVC catalogue;

- Natural and synthetic leathers;

- Cloths for the automobile and truck segment;

- Linings for camping tents, cars and boats;

- Specific products for hotels and restaurants;

- Tarpaulins;

- Carpets, paviplax, rugs;

- Foams, mattresses and fillings;

- Tools;

- Glues.

CN Decorações

CN Decorations is a subsidiary of Casa das Napas. It specializes in interior confection and decoration.

We offer a wide variety of high design and quality products, able to satisfy your home needs.

CN decorations offers the best products available. We keep a close watch on the new market tendencies as far as decoration and innovation are concerned. We visit fairs and expositions all over Europe to keep a constant update on patterns and solutions.

We offer a wide range of services alongside personal assistance. We make your home decoration a nice and easy experience.  

Visit us and get to know our solutions.

Some of the products we have to offer are:

- Decorative Pillows;

- Foams;

- Décor Cloths;

- Galleries and Accessories;

We are also able to make bedspreads and curtains on demand.


Casa das Napas